To hear what Lyonesse sound like, please check out the Videos page or there`s some tracks recorded at a rehearsal below

It`s a a real mix of genres. Alternative folk, folk-rock, celtic, unplugged, indie, country,  
americana, you name it really. Anything from the 60s-2016.

Someone`s  described us as `Folk with rock underpants! :)
We aim to play a set of music  where you`ll know most of the numbers, but our interpretation of them`ll be different to anything you`ve heard before as, as well as acoustic guitars, we also play mandolin, banjo and zouk and changeover throughout the set! The set ranges from folk to rock, to country, to pop, indie, celtic, alternative, you name it really…

Artists covered include: Bob Dylan, Train, REM, Rolling Stones, Christie Moore, Rod Stewart, Donovan, Deep Blue Something, Tom Petty, Brian Adams, Ahab, Crowded House, America, Green Day, Van Morrison, Travis, George Harrison, Oasis, The Stereophonics, Show of Hands, Mike Scott, Thin Lizzy, Steve Earl, Cockney Rebel, The Zutons, The Beatles, George Ezra, The Kinks, Lou Reed, Katrina and the Waves, Tracy Chapman, with more being added all the time…

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Someone recorded `Ride On`  live at a recent gig.
Hevva is an original song about the Fishing Fleets in old Cornwall